Sunday, September 30, 2001

hey buddies of mine =)
nobodies blogged for awhile, so...i might as well do it =)
today was homecoming....people be calling me up at midnight like: liz we're done with homecoming now you wanna come meet us at blahblahblah ...stupid butts
what was nelson's birthday...all old and crap ew haha
i went ice skating kinda today...met armaine . almost broke my ass trying to walk to the is that, she gives me these weak as figure skater skates that totally have no reinforcement so the thinger bends and then i switch to the hockey player skates and those hurt like a mother..
hm, i guess that's it. i hope you're all having wonderful happy lives =)

Sunday, September 16, 2001

omg yay.. thanks to lizzy i finally get to sign on this thing.. can you guys imagine how slow lizzy takes =X well i hope you guys are had a good weekend and are having fun in skoo.. im not.. but yeh.. talk to you guys laters.. just wanted to say hi! take cares


Saturday, September 15, 2001

hey monkeezees. whatcha dudes been up to? me..same stuff. how are your weekends going? i hope you guys aren't doing anything stupid or illegal! hehe. i'm going cosmic bowling with jeff and his friends. yay! cosmic bowling is freaking expensive..but it's cool i guess. starts later tonight so in the mean time i thought i'd say wassup to you guys on our blog. know what scent smells really nice? endless love - victoria's secret. it smells like a hair spray, shampoo or some hair product. haha yeah it smells good though! OOOH HELL YEAH..guess what?! i got my jon b. poster thing! I'M SO HAPPY. he looks soo fine and it's hugeeeeeeee. it's on my wall. yayersss! hehe. he's sucha hottie. well i'm running out of things to i guess i'll talk to you guys later. take care and much love. god bless =).

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

as i sat in class..i turn my head and see smoke from the window..i stood up announced to the class that i see a fire in nyc..but nobody believed me..i then went closer and saw the WTC was on fire..a few minutes later i see the second plane hit..and then tears ran down my cousins i angrily looked at the buildings..go down in flames..everyone at school ..then became quiet and just watched..while officials came to our school and used our school buses for aid to bring to the people in WTC... i just found out....that someone i know had lost both her parents..and my friend, ryan, is still not sure if his mom is okay..i pray for them..and everyone else that undoubtedly had to be at the wrong place at the wrong deepest condolences to all of you.."this day will go down in history" -Mr. Grele my technical support teacher..said..i think everyday goes down in history..just that this day..was much more..distinct from the rest of the days.. i hope our president does something about it..i couldn't stand looking at my love ones..crying ..and the fact that nobody can say "it's okay" when it really isn't..i'll be praying for everyone.... just be thankful that we are here..

R.I.P. to those who died on this day // 9-11-01

"In the city of God there will be a great thunder, Two brotheres (the towers) torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress (pentagon) endures, the great leader will succumb", "the third big war will begin when the big city is burning" -Nostradamus

like my jap teacher said . . . the world as you guys know it will never be the same


Tuesday, September 11, 2001

what a bad day for everyone. =(..i hope you guys realize how lucky we are to be alive RIGHT now. it's scary, i never thought this day would come while i was living. god bless the souls that were taken from the act of some sick minded people. i pray for the families and friends who've lost a loved on. take care all right? be thankful, you never know if today may be your last. i love you guys a lot. don't ever forget that.

Sunday, September 09, 2001 dot dot dot

Friday, September 07, 2001

oh myyyyy i feel like i haven't touched this ish in years. hehe. it's friday night bleh. i'm going out with my dearest at 10:30..we're gonna go bowling or was his idea.'s everyone? i'm doing great actually. senior year is pretty interesting. there are some things that aren't so great, but we won't get into that ( liz you know what i'm talking about ;[ ). i hope you guys are enjoying school. my mom says she thinks i'm really growing up. everything's changing. i feel like i've changed. my life has changed for sure. for the past month i've had friends walk out of my life and i've had new people walk into my life. change is nice (sometimes) isn't it? i guess i'm realizing that i can't be a little kid forever. it sucks, but a lot of things SUCK so i've kinda gotten used to it by now. dang i feel like everyone's going their own way. i can't complain because things happen for a reason. we might not talk as much as we used to but we'll all be close somehow..right? well i better go get ready. i'll talk to you guys some other time. have a nice weekend. =) keep in touch.

Thursday, September 06, 2001

hey guys =)
i guess since school has started, i haven`t had time for anything. meaning i`m not up to date with anything, therefore i request that if any of you busy busy people have time, ... email me =) i check it in the morning before school sometimes ...'before school' meaning 5:45 am hahah. anyway that`s basically all you`ll see of me for awhile [except on weekends =)] but yeah. i`m trying to be a good student haha. my last fricken year of high school. kind of late, i know. but 'better late than never' yes? maybe not. haha but i`m trying! i refuse to let my grades drop and end up living with 4973 cats and a box with wheels that i will be forced to call my mode of transportation.
anyway. today, being the 6th of the month. is the 9th month of my...yeah. the know. haha. bleh. and he`s not even in his home state...which kind of doesn`t matter because it`s far anyway right?
i had other "important" stuff to say. but i have forgotten haha. i love you all and good-bye.

Monday, September 03, 2001

today..was such a great day..i chilled with friends i haven't chilled with in a very..very long time....and i met melody=)..gosh melody..but was fun too! it was actually fun..i had fun at work..isn't that cool? hope my whole week is like this..
_happy sheistuh

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

such a lovely fucking day isn't don't fucking ask ER